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> From: "Peterson, Erik" <erik_peterson at TAYLORU_EDU>
> Subject: fish store in Indiana, plant deficiency??
> Okay, I have a couple of questions. First, can anyone recommend a good
> fish/plant store in the north-central Indiana area? I'm a student at
> Taylor University (just off i-69 between marion and Muncie) I'd probably
> drive as far as Fort Wayne if it was a good one.

There use to be a nice shop right off of State Road 33 off I 69 in Ft Wayne.
Two sister's owned it way back when and it was quite good. Right outside of
town. Another place if you like AF cichlid's is up Nappanee, it's a bit
further. Not sure if any of those places are still around. Been many years
since I lived up that way.
Tom Barr