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Re: Recommended filtration system...

>"Newbie here,

I am interested in starting a planted tank, but I'm a
little perplexed at which typed of filter to use. 
Right now I've got a Penguin Bio-wheel.  My plans are
to inject CO2 into the filter box to allow the gas to
slowly dissolve and mix into the tank water.  I guess,
my main concern is about charcoal.  Ist it recommended
in a planted tank?  The Penguin filter cartridges
contain activated charcoal in them, which would prove
difficult to remove if need be.



The Biowheel may result in the loss of too much CO2
and I found that it was quite noisy when the impeller
chopped up the CO2 bubbles.

I use a powerhead driven filter/CO2 reactor design.  I
have a Marineland Powerhead 660R at one end of the
tank fitted with a prefilter and a modified gravel vac
tube CO2 reactor at the other end of the tank.  The
powerhead is connected to the CO2 reactor by 5/8"
tubing.  It cost about $35 for the whole system.  It
works flawlessly with very little surface agitation.


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