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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1634

> It's actually called "barley straw" and yes it works on 
> algae, and it is not
> harmful to the fish or the plants. The only problem that I 
> ever saw with it
> is it starts in a pad form and ends up floating all over your 
> tank (on the
> top of the water at the bottom of the gravel and of course 
> right in your
> filter).  I am not sure if you could put it in something like 
> some panty
> hose so the water could flow through but it could not get 
> out......It might
> be worth the try let me know if you do try it and how it 
> works out for you.
> Matt W.

Oops, sorry, yeh, Barley Straw.  Ok, I think I will try it, but
not anytime soon, my new tank I got doesn't have algae problems

But what I need to know is what's controlling the algae problem?
The straw itself? or something thats it put out from the straw?
I want to know if I should make a plastic ball and float it,
plant it, or just filter it through the filter itself. :)  Of
course instead of using panyhose, the same effect can be produced
but using a filter net?