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Re: Getting Attention (was CF Lighting)

John wrote:

"Maybe I'm just too new or a little impatient.  I
wonder, why my question 
keeps getting ignored?  Right around now, I'd settle
for a link to previous 
discussion or a website.  It seems like my question is
too simple or not 
worth the time of any of the online personallities. 
Oh well.. I'll try once 

>>A couple of questions; Do CF lights last longer
>>than regular T-12 Flo lights?  And a second
>>question, I'm getting conflicting opinions from
>>various on-line sellers on this point; do I need
>>more than 2-3 watts per gallon of light to grow
>>plants well in a 30" deep tank?"

I believe CFs can last up to 2 years.  I know the
light output of T12 drops off after 6 months, so I
usually replace mine at this time.

For a 30" deep tank and with light demanding plants I
would shoot for 3-4 watts/gallon, but that is just my
opinion.  Maybe someone else in the group can comment
on this.


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