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RE: Bailey Hay

>They have lots of very cool shows on there. :)  Which reminds me,
>I was watching "Home Matters" on Discovery and they were setting
>up a make shift pond in a large container.  One thing they put
>in there was a ball of "Bailey Hay"?  It's suppose to keep the
>algae away.  Does this work with planted tanks?  Would it kill
>the fish in anyway?

It's actually called "barley straw" and yes it works on algae, and it is not
harmful to the fish or the plants. The only problem that I ever saw with it
is it starts in a pad form and ends up floating all over your tank (on the
top of the water at the bottom of the gravel and of course right in your
filter).  I am not sure if you could put it in something like some panty
hose so the water could flow through but it could not get out......It might
be worth the try let me know if you do try it and how it works out for you.

Matt W.