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pregnant and paranoid

> I personally think that the chemicals in hair dye are be more dangerous,
but I haven't
> quit dying my hair either, nor do I go out of my way to ingest hair dye


Congrats!  I was more or less going to not say anything, since the "ask your
doctor" seemed good advice, but this caught my eye.  My (recently
heightened, since we have an 11 month old) understanding is that most of the
things one encounters in a fish tank you don't have to worry about, since
they are mostly simple mineral salts.  Most of the nasty stuff is organics
of one form or another.  Worry number two would be of some kind of
infection, which would suggest that not sticking your hands into the water
is probably good advice.  However, worry number three is from volatile
chemicals, in particular ammonia.  The hair dye may in fact be somewhat
harmful, as are many ammonia based cleaners.  It's not that you eat it, but
that you may breathe in what it gives off.

Overall, being overly safe is probably no bad thing, and this may be where
you get your partner involved in fish keeping perhaps?

Good luck with it all and enjoy the saltines!