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Beeing helpful

Thank you Tom Barr and James Purchase!

You guys are lightyears away from us newbees (but there's more of us).
The answers you gave where accurate but of no use to most of us.

Let me humbly remind you of the time both of you sat in front of your tanks and wondered what those strange holes in the leaves where and why the heck did that plant grow so well when the leaves blackened on that one.
At the time, none of you had any answeres and had to resort to ask someone else.

This is the level where you need answers on what it is and what to do to cure it.
Beeing at the level where my only weapon is my newly bought TMG bottle, I'm in need of answers. Either someone who can tell me exactly what it is or pictures of the same plant showing similar signs and a hint of what to try to cure it.
This is what the project is aiming for. A place I can surf to and find pictures of plants that shows similar deficiences that mine at home do.

Jean's question, is a perfect example of what I mean.
Quote: Subject: Java Moss crash
This has happened to me once before, several years ago, and it just happened again.
In a planted 30 gallon tank, coarse gravel media, an external filter, only a few White Clouds, no new plants for several years, all the Java Moss suddenly died, for no apparent reason.  The remaining plants are apparently quite healthy - Crypts and Anubias.  But, the moss turned brown and transparent in a period of about a week.
Does anybody have any ideas as to why this happened? 
 Jean: End of Quote.

Over and over again we read "my plant isn't doing well. -Symptoms- What to do?" on this list.
Oh how happy at least I would be if I could have a look at some pictures and read about possible cures for it.
Reading "my fern is melting down" isn't much help to a newbee. Is mine melting to or doing something else?

Same goes for the algea problem. It would really be great to have a similar database for all the algea questions we repeatedly read. But that's just a thought and I'm not getting into such a project as well.
But it would be a well visited FAQ place I'm sure.

Your skills in defining what is shown in pictures would be greatly apreciated if ya both would be so kind to help out now and then. But please try to remember who will read your info's. Most havn't got a clue of what kno3 is and how to test it.
La Mott could just as well be a french town to someone who have never heard of it before.

Finally: I apologize if any of you have been offended by my answer. It was not intended to. It is meerly a reminder of the level most of us are on and we need help. This is why the project has been started. Even though it probably is of no use to you two it will be for me and others, I'm sure.

Maybe you have one or two pictures you can share along with a simple explanation of what it is and what to do to cure it?
Send them to Daniel Meyer whom so kindly has agreed to compile the database. http://www.sedawktion.com/plants/
His and mine incentive is that we know so little and want to learn more and help others at the same time.
Your incentive would be, not to have to answer the same questions over and over again?

Kind regards
Greger Lindstrand