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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1631

> 	Just a little snip of info, I was pleasantly surprised to see a 
> segment on "Aquarium Gardens"  this morning on TV.  This was on 
> the "Discovery Health" channel, on a TV show called "Healthy 
> Home."
>      They stepped through the basics of setting up a beginner's 
> planted aquarium.  They used a "fertilizer layer" in the 
> substarte, but 
> didn't say what it was.  Topped with gravel, then lots of Java Fern 
> and Anubias, and a few others.  Then they threw in some male 
> guppies, and neons.  They were using one of those "eclipse" 
> systems with two light strips and the filter built into the hood.
>     They quoted the price for the setup, as around $300. 
>      There was no mention of CO2.
>      Just thought I'd share.  I was indeed suprised to happen across 
> this.
> - -Chrys Amy Dean

They have lots of very cool shows on there. :)  Which reminds me,
I was watching "Home Matters" on Discovery and they were setting
up a make shift pond in a large container.  One thing they put
in there was a ball of "Bailey Hay"?  It's suppose to keep the
algae away.  Does this work with planted tanks?  Would it kill
the fish in anyway?

BTW, I got an Eclipse 12, gravel (three bags) and heater for 
around $150.  I guess with the fishes and plants it comes
out to about $250-$300.  Great tank to begin with or something
to start a new project with. :)