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Re: depth of field

>Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 00:16:47 -0800
>From: "Robert H" <robertph3 at attbi_com>
>Subject: Re: depth of field
>Consider this: have the line that starts tall at each end
> of the tank gradually getting shorter in height as it
> meets in the middle of thetank.
>	   This could be created by having a stairway of
> stepping stones or wood that starts in the middle of
> the tank reaching the highest points at each
> rear corner. At each step level plants could be
> attached such as Anubias or ferns. Another possiblity
> is using Corkbark attached to the rear glass and using
> slate attached to the bark as walls to create three
> different plateaus on each end of the tank, leaving the
> middle of the tank as the lowest point.
>     Then of course you could have the entire substrate
> more or less level and use plants of different heights to
> create the same line that meets in the middle of the
>  tank.

Wow!  I like this idea, thanks for sharing it.  Maybe 
when I get that bigger tank someday....(daydreams)
    I  have a 29 gallon planted tank, that I just 
rearranged.  It just occurred to me to try a sort of 
"downhill slope" sort of thing, with  the tallest plants at 
one end, going down to the shortest plants at the 
opposite end.  This is the back half the tank roughly.  I'm 
going to try putting little diagonal "half-rows" of really 
short plants sort of coming out from between the back 
rows of tall plants into the empty front half of the tank.  
I've just gotten the "keeping plants alive" part down, and 
this is the first time I've been far enough along to think of 
their arrangement, really.
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