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Re: Re: depth of field and Height of View

I had said:

"And while we are on the subject of "why don't we have tanks with a
greater front-to-back (FTB) aspect ratio", what about having tanks
lower to the ground?  Not all tanks, but some tanks."

It was pointed out that
> this is being done. There have been notable aquascapes
> featuring
> open fields of low growing plants, like a shallow lake bottom, with
> low . . .

Sorry, I could have been clearer in my original post.  I  think I was
taken to mean tanks with low things inside.  I meant aquaria that are
on shorter stands so that you can easily look down into them.  This
view is used more often on ponds, but it can be done indoors with
low-to-the-ground tanks.  The view from above is a whole different
perspective, if you'll pardon me for being literal. :-)  

This only works on open top tanks with hanging lights and the viewing
is best done from a bit of distance -- up close the reflected lights
spoil the view or your shadow blocks out the light.  

Part of the effect is psychological, with nothing between you and the
water, you are tempted more to reach out and touch (Hey, did you wash
your hands?  Get them outta my tank) --  Done well it can draw you into
the scene -- and you get a whole lot more tank view per dollar than
with a tank you can view only from the front and two sides.

Scott H.

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