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Re: Aldrovanda

> Subject: Aldrovanda
> http://www.sarracenia.com/faq/faq5040.html
> This plant looks neat.  It would be neat to try in a
> container of its own where it's predatory habits don't
> extend to tiny animal life not intended for an early
> end (like fry).

You a big fish breeder?

  I had never heard of it before
> looking through and revising my club's AHAP rules.
> Maybe you could feed it daphnia with a baster.

Plenty of rotifers etc crawling around for it. Most all aquatic C plants do
fine for years without live foods. Haven't found one yet that does not. Over
feeding your fish food will increase rotifer densities or you can use dead
food also or daphnia etc.

Unlike Utricularia, this plants has venus fly trap doors. Very cool.
Many of the CP people are not good at growing aquatic CP's, we could help:-)
Tom Barr
> Cavan