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ottelia alismoides.

Hello everyone, 

I got two medium size ottelia alismoides on the 5th of Feb. They seemed to
acclimized to my tank conditions and were growing new leaves. So I removed
them from the pots and planted them. About 1week++ later, the two of them
started wilting. Mature leaves fell off. New leaves and growth tips turned
soft and die. Both plants(without leaves) are very firmly rooted. Not sure
if I should throw them away.
What can be wrong?

tank conditions:

15.6gal or 60 litres
108watts of light, 8 hours per day
10ml of Tropica Mastergrow per week
50% water change weekly

Plants: Rotala rotundifolia, rotala macrandra, 1nymphae ceylon,
glossostigma.e, najas graminea, riccia. (All are growing fine)

Fishes: 9 neon tetras(Fed once in the day in the morning) and 2 yamato

filter: eheim2231
pressurized CO2 at 1 bubble per second.