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Re:stellata update/revision

Arthur wrote,
"Not long ago I posted that my stellata wasn't doing
the tip-dying/new-sprouts thing.  Well now it is.

In fact, the biggest stalk, which is well over 1cm
diamter at the stalk, has put out 13 (yes, count them
13) good sized shoots.

I'm not sure what has changed in my tank to cause
this.  It may be that I stopped dosing P.  I'm going
to start dosing P and see if that changes it back to
how it was..."

Arthur Westover

Arthur, what is the overall height of the plants?  Just curious.

The most recent stellata thread was started when I asked about nutrient
changes causing different growth patterns in this plant.  Since this plant
is touted as a very good indicator plant I was trying to figure out how to
use it as a "gauge".  Could the growth pattern of the plant give me enough
specific information to correct a deficiency?   Could I use this plant
instead of one of my test kits?  My goal this year is to support my family
instead of the LaMotte family  >grin<

Maintenance in my tank has been lacking during the past 2-3 weeks.
Irregular nutrient additions and no pruning.  After a healthy dose of
nutrients the other day growth patterns are similar to what Arthur describes
(bushing).  However, they have remained the same coppery color with and
without nutrients.  The plants are 12" tall and show no sign of stopping.
Maybe they can be used in the background of a 75?

If any of you have mastered getting this plant to grow to such heights and
remain a single stalk let us know.  Or could it be that is simply not the
nature of the stellata?  What is it's growth like in nature?

Here are postings from John Wheeler & Bob Oleson from Nov. 2001 that have
are helpful.

and of course James post, Eustralis is Pogostemon at
will help those searching for information on this interesting plant.

Jay Reeves