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   Hello all. Another "lurker" comes out of the closet. I recently signed up 
to your mailing list, as I am an aspiring amateur aquarist, and an avid 
DIY-er, sorely in the need of some technical tips and advice. It would appear 
that I stumbled upon your list right in the middle of the heated Amano 
debate, and while I didn't know who Amano was when this all started, I did 
some searching and I do now- however, I do know what LOL means, : )
     I would like to say that I have, by means of your list, and a little 
searching of my own, managed to construct a heating cable ( out of phone 
wire- I'm a cable contractor by trade ) and CO2 delivery system for my tank- 
and so far everything seems to be going okay- I haven't burned the house down 
yet. Thanks for all the tips.
     Although I don't yet know that much about the "planted aquarium", I am 
very keen to learn. Even with the limited knowledge I have, I find my tank a 
source of relaxation- it's my Zen Garden- after the flood. ( Punctuated, of 
course, by fiery foul-mouthed moments when I'm struggling to carefully wrap a 
lead anchor on some specimen's rootlets- only to have them float up, up and 
away upon entering the tank, or when I discover that I've started an 
accidental syphon from the tank- some two hours after the fact, or that the 
cat has jumped up onto the tank AGAIN, and dislodged the filter...) Ahh, the 
road to Knowledge is windy, indeed.
     I know that someone mentioned ( possibly Tom Barr- but I'm not sure ) 
something about wild plants/weeds- something that interests me, but I don't 
know how practical this would be for me, as I live in Minnesota. However, if 
anyone would have any information about plants native to my area that would 
be suitable to domestic life, or if anyone would know of a site(s) where I 
could find information on aquatic plants in general ( ie- genus, species, 
nutritional/light/Ph requirements, native area- and possibly pics ) I would 
be really interested in finding out. 
     Thanks again for all the info provided by your list- and, of course, the 
artistic views, as well- don't want to offend anyone : ) 

Darcy Bachand

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