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Re: Tetra Diatomagic Filter & the System 1

Mike Wickham said, in part:

> Yes, the Diatomagic is made by the Whisper people. And, 
> yes, the Vortex recharge valve adds a similar 
> recycle feature, but it's leaky 

It's not supposed to leak-- it's a valve for cryin' out loud.

> and the 
dangling hoses on the Vortex are a major pain when 
> moving the filter from tank to tank. You don't have that 
> inconvenience with the Diatomagic.

Your disatisfaction with the Vortex compared to the Tetra Diatomatic is
the disaffection that some have with canisters compared to back filters
(or hang ons or power filters).  Tubes are a pain -  on the other hand,
they get that damned equipment off the tank.  So it's good to have
options and the Tetra filter is one (if they still make them).

> I also 
> really like the System 1, but for my purposes of using it on a photo
> tank-- 
> where I need to shut it off while shooting-- it doesn't really work
> out. When 
> you start it back up, a bit of powder finds its way into the tank,
> clouding 
> the water until the filter can remove it. So you've got a wait before
> you can 
> take another photo.

I discovered the "DE spill" conditon with my System 1, too, and
determined, in my case, that it happens when the filter core is not
tightly seated on the nipple.  I imagine that, when the core is older
and becomes a bit compressed with use, this happens more easily.  The
instructions suggest putting some duct tape on it to tighten the fit. 
I imagine that would work -- who can question duct tape??? :-|

Scott H. 

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