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Re: Light Manufacturing and stores with little add-ons

Ken Whelan brought up an important lessen:

> When I ordered the mono potassium phosphate,  I got nailed with a
> 3.00
> minimum charge and a minimum shipping of 2.5 lbs,  total 17+ dollars
> for a 1
> lb shipment of a 5.00 item.   I E-Mailed them and they did the
> actuals and
> the actual charge was around $11.00 which was much more apealing.

I was considering an order on Florida Driftwood, which even has a
little calculator button before you checkout to tell you the shipping
charge.  But then a screen or two into the checkout, I noticed another
$5 added-on the bill (for handling).  I didn't expect to find out about
an "add-on" charge that late in the process.  In fact, I went back and
perused the site to try to find a notice about the handling charge.  I
wasn't successful, but maybe I missed it somewhere -- after all, I look
right at the bill in the last checkout screen and almost didn't see the

Many places present you with a "Shipping and Handling" charge, others
with just a shipping charge.  When I come across a place that charges
both separately, I get nervous.  If it isn't pointed out up front, I
become mistrustful -- it's the cynic in me.

You gotta read the fine print and see the bill before you write the
check (or push that "Submit" button).  Some times that not as easily
done as others.  I didn't end up ordering from Fla Driftwood but I have
heard that others have done so happily.

Scott H.

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