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Ghost shrimp suck!

Heheeee....sorry about the header...just wanted to see
if another flame war would start up.

But seriously, due to recent discussion of ghost
shrimp on the list, I decided to give them a try on my
cladphora algae.

Paul (I think) has said that this  foul, smelly algae
is among the most difficult.  It seems to thrive right
along with the plants, and the standard
help-your-plants-to-hurt-your-algae mantra doesn't
seem to work.  I have had some success in a different
tank with multiple SAE's, ameca splendens, and Amer.
flag fish.  There is still the same cladaphora, but
only in places that the fish can't get to.

Anyway, I purchased about 60 ghost shrimp (they are
dirt cheap here), and threw them in my 75gal.  While
it seems that some of them were eating algae (hard to
tell) after a couple of weeks, I haven't noticed a bit
of difference in the amount of algae in the tank.

One caveat would be that the tank is higher temp than
most (83deg F), so that might affect their activity.

Well, I'm still fighting this.  Might have to get some
more ameca splendens...

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