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Re: 2 hands clapping

And while we are on the subject of "why don't we have tanks with a
greater front-to-back (FTB) aspect ratio", what about having tanks
lower to the ground?  Not all tanks, but some tanks.

Some very nice show tanks I have seen were ones you could easily look
down into -- I think this works best with very large tanks.  It's not
easy to pull this off though -- lighting-angles/reflections are a major

An aquarium, even a really nice one, looks to me something like a
diarama to me -- all the action is in one plane, so to speak.  A
greater FTB ratio is an improvement over that, I think.  So is the ease
with which you can view the scenes in the tank from a variety of
positions -- it's less like paper dolls and more like something real
that you can walk around and see other sides of.  The two (greater FTB
and more viewing angles) don't necessarily go hand in hand.  Greater
FTB has it's own problems, and not just taking up too much of Roger's
room.  The distortions can become visually uncomfortable at the more
oblique viewing angles.

Scott H.

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