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Multiple tank CO2 system report

Couple months ago I asked for suggestions for how best to set up CO2 system
on 25 tanks. Thank you all for the help. I used those suggestions and now
have a system that works well for me.
Here is what I did.
Due to the layout of the house, weight of canisters larger than 20 pounds,
and potential problems of running so many tanks on one system, I went with
more than one system.
I chose Dave Gomberg's systems and was provided with all the email and phone
help I needed. Because I ran > 50 feet of CO2 tubing in the attic to access
5 of the tanks and didn't want high pressure in tubing I couldn't easily
access and wanted the convenience of the needle valve at each aquarium, he
recommended using a "master" needle valve right after the regulator to drop
the psi to about 2 and needle valves at each tank to control the bubble
rate. It worked GREAT! Thanks, Dave.
I currently have 20 of the 25 tanks on CO2. After the initial adjustment,
delivery has been very stable. Adjustment of bubble rate to one tank has
made no noticeable change in rate to other tanks on the system. I don't know
if that is because of the "master" needle valve or just the nature of good
needle valves. Anyway I am pleased and happily gave away my DIY stuff.