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Light Manufacturing

When I ordered the mono potassium phosphate,  I got nailed with a 3.00
minimum charge and a minimum shipping of 2.5 lbs,  total 17+ dollars for a 1
lb shipment of a 5.00 item.   I E-Mailed them and they did the actuals and
the actual charge was around $11.00 which was much more apealing.   I too
was one of those that could not find it on their website until someone
pointed it out to me.


>Some folks don't easily find the fertilizers they want at Light

>set your browser to 


>left click on Buy Now
>left click on Plant Nutrients
>scroll the list to Chemicals and left click/select Chemicals
>scroll down to left click/select mono-potassium phosphate or
>potasium nitrate or
>potassium sulfate

>There are a dozen or so other chemicals on the page to choose from but
>those three will get you good sources of PO4, NO3 and K, respectively.

>Scott H.