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re: New Lists, Old Lists

OK, if Roger Miller can shed his disenchantment with the APD, than so
can I!

Regarding the APD's growth since 1995, let me suggest membership has
actually shrunk when you factor in the Internet's overall growth.

Regarding the character of the average APD newbie, it has changed since
1995 as the Internet has moved from being a tool of the scientific and 
community to more of a mainstream tool. One of the unfortunate consequences
of this is a skew away from the cerebral, whose minds are no longer 
by the average post (Dave Heubert, Steve Pushak, George Booth, Karen 
Art Giacosa, Craig Bingman, David Whittaker, George Slusarczuk, Mark Fisher)

Regarding artistry versus technoids, I believe to become an aquatic artist 
must first overcome the technical - it is necessary evil. Of the 1995 era 
the list provided great help toward overcoming the technical. Of the current 
newbies, commercialism has made overcoming the technical much easier
(advancements such as CF lighting, plant friendly subtrates, plethora of 
supplements). And there those 'perennial' newbies which overcome the 
despite themselves because they happen to live in a community where the 
is 'just right' for growing plants.

So perhaps things have changed sufficiently since 1995 such that it is time 
a new list. Let me suggest however, the new list should not be hosted on 
This lacks permanence and secularism. Instead, let the APD spawn a sister 
or at least a technical overhaul which creates two sections to the same 

And one more thing - for Amano haters. Get a life. The man has contributed
more to the hobby and has inspired more individuals than you ever will in 
any two
of your own lifetimes.

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