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Re: the Tetra Diatom filter


> I got mine used on ebay a year ago and it still works fine.  It is a
> heavy-duty unit, thick
> plastic and a monster-sized motor.  The GPM on the thing must be
> around a zillion, the unit could
> probably be used to clean small lakes.

I think that, as a rule, diatom filters, due to the fineness of the
filtering medium, need to be able to work against much greater
pressures than oridanry aquarium filter pumps, which are designed for
flow rather than pressure.

The Tetra diatom filter is not listed on the Tetra website -- it might
no longer be in production.  Perhaps this is part of the restructuring
of the corportation and the product line due to Pfizer taking over
Tetra's parent corp. about a year or so ago.  Out with the diatom, in
with the Tetra-tec.

Scott H.

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