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American 'Art'


I am an avid lurker on this list and I would like to, if I may, inject
my thoughts into this debate. There has been a lot said about the poor
quality of American aquascapes -  the lack of artistic flair etc. I live
very far from Europe, America and Asia. In my country there are about 10
planted tank hobbyists of which I am one. Let me tell you that I aspire
to what I see in American tanks. My tank is about 10 years behind the
Yanks I will be more than satisfied if I can get to the level of Tom
Bates, George Booth etc.

Being a techno nation the American tanks were the first that I was able
to view on the internet and they took my breath away. They still do. Let
us be honest and say that if one throws enough money at a hobby one will
be successful. Here I take my inspiration from George Booth, he was
certainly not shy with his dollars and he has a pretty awesome setup. 

If I can say anything negative about Amano-san it will be that he has
many hands to help him create his amazing aquascapes, obviously not to
mention more Yen than you can shake a stick at. I am more impressed when
a working Joe like me can set up an awesome aquascape with a shoe string
budget. I can't even buy laterite in my country not to mention heating
cables, half the test kits you can get, CO2 systems etc. The list goes
on and on.

I believe that the most important aspect of this hobby is that people
see that they can grow plants. They don't necessarily have to have tanks
that look like Amano-san but lets face it a tank with even just a few
live plants looks a lot better than pink gravel with a sunken pirate

Paul Gray