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North American Style

Just some thoughts concerning developing a distinctive North American style. 
Amano makes use of a great variety of plants in a very contrived situation 
emulating nature. Many of the plants do not come from the same location/same 
biotope/continent. What follows could be the basis of a distinct style of 
decorating a larger aquarium in a way that could be emulated by many people 
and can be said to be distinctively North American.

Tank size should be from 20-50 gallons in size
Gravel should be a dark natural stone
Driftwood, stone or other naturally occuring items can be used as a 
Plants should not number more than 7 varieties and should come from the same 
biotopic region
Fish or crusteaceans used in the display should come from the same region as 
the plants and should not number more than a maximum of 5 species.

I think that this would make an interesting and unique composition as 
outlined. It also is the complete of what Amano does in his aquatic setups.

Edward Venn

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