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RE: New List/ State of APD / Art

First a few comments on the state of this list:

Well, the last week has been really interesting..  All kinds of people
posting ideas, making arguments, exchanging opinions...  Over 630 messages
in 18 days!  Not too shabby -- if you look through the archives, it is
apparent that this list is growing, which hopefully translates into more
people getting involved in the hobby of planted aquaria.

I for one am very glad that the APD exists, and will continue to
participate -- just as I am sure Roger and Arthur will.  As has been stated
many times, there is noticeable hostility toward the idea of aquaria as
art -- I never really believed Arthur until this week.  That is why there is
a new list -- not to be snobby or elitist, just to have a forum for
something different.

As for Diana Berberich's EXCELLENT post, I would have replied earlier, but
decided to work on my tanks instead... Anyhow, I did want to say a few

Diana wrote:
"For me, when the artistic and the technical come
together harmoniously things start to work....
So, for those who think that science and art are
mutually exclusive think again..."

How true -- I remember many long hours spent in the studio one night working
on getting the right patina on some of my metal sculptures -- I tried
everything I could find -- muriatic acid, bleach, plaster-of-paris...
Nothing worked.  I just couldn't get my piece to "look right" (that vague
feeling an artist gets that decides when something is done).

The next morning, my avant-garde professor told me that getting the right
patina can really be a science - somethings work better than others, and
sometimes we need the help of nature and biology -- she said that I should
try _peeing_ on my sculpture.  Sure enough -- worked like a charm!

A guess the point I am trying to make is that technical mastery (and
experience) is almost invariably required before "art" can be achieved.
And, it is important not to overlook things - that is the beauty of the
APD - there are always new people asking questions, and it is often through
the answers that our collective knowledge is increased.

Sorry for the long and somewhat bizarre post!