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Re: Tank "depth"

Hey Gang,

A question was recently made regarding the term
"depth" when applied to an aquarium.

>>BTW, am I the only one bothered by the use of the
term "depth" to describe any dimension but the
substrate to surface one? The depth of water is a
pretty-well understood term, and to use it to describe
the front-to-back dimension of a tank often leaves me
confused if there is no other context to
get it untangled. [I know. I'm easily confused!]<<

You describe the "height".

Perspective determines depth. It is measured from the
top to the bottom of whatever way you view
something.....not an eloquent definition, I know:|

For example:
When you are in a boat and you look down onto the
water surface, the surface to the bottom is the depth.
When you look at the front face of the tank, the
distance from the front to back face is the depth.
Converesly, if you view the tank from the top as a
rule, then surface to substrate would, indeed, be

That's how I see it. "Width" to me means the same as
length in this instance, because of the perspective at
which you view the tank.

John Wheeler 

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