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A bunch of questions

Who's this Amano guy everybody is talking about? What does LOL and LFS stand 
for? Does Tom Barr actually exist? What is art? 

Seriously, thanks to all of the plant experts who are sticking around to help 
the new people. I've been on this list for years and I learn something 
everyday, even when people ask the same questions day in and day out. I have 
found that helping people learn about their aquariums and the environments 
they create is almost as fun as playing with the plants and fish. 
Now those who want to leave, just leave, no need for a long good-bye. Your 
insights will be missed.

Thanks again to the experts.
Scott S 
In Michigan, enjoying a day off and getting in shape just in case all of the 
Red Wings get hurt playing for their countries in the Olympics and Detroit 
needs a forward with a bad knee, ankle, elbow, and poor eyesight.