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Re: native plant

> Tom,
> That is odd you mention Veronica.  I recently got one.  I had never heard of
> it but it reminds me of both an ozelot and  flame sword.  Very pretty.  The
> new leaves are almost solid dark red with small specks of green.  Is this
> the same plant you are referring to?  What other tidbits can you share about
> it?
> Daphne> 

Nope, looks like Hygro and Gymnocornis somewhat, opposite leaves, fast
grower etc. Non native European introduction in CA. It's a bad weed ***but
of course*** it's not on any list of noxious weeds, just the aquarium plants
that don't make it out in my pond that's taken care of.
The bad weeds here are hornwort, Chara, millfoil a few Potamgotons and
Egeria. There are a few others but these are the worst from what I've seen.
Veronica can hang with this group and does well emmersed or submersed.
There's a pic if you look in the archives and I think Richard Sexton placed
the image up somewhere.
Tom Barr