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Re: Amano, Art & Commercialization

>>If you truly wanted to promote his techniques there would be more theory
and technical information in his books and less Japanese poetry. Why is it
people that in all of his books be flaunts his ADA brand everywhere ? He
talks about generic fertilizers or substrates or filters. Everything is ADA
? A planted aquarium, IMHO, should be a closed ecological system"<<

This is where your ignorance and presumption shows thru. Amano's magazine
has given the "how to" info that you describe, and so did his WEB site. He
has done workshops, and while Art Giacosa was his American distributor, Art
had discussion forums for that purpose.  His books actually make no
reference to his commercial products. No ads, no nothing. His books are
meant to be just what they are, a showcase for beautiful pictures. Its
really just that simple. You are reading much more into it than what is

I don't think you even know what a closed system is, and your assumption
that Amano's tanks can not sustain themselves because of how his books are
formatted with poetry doesnt make any sense. One has nothing to do with the
other. And this "poetry" thing is over stated. There is not all that much
"poetry" in his books at all.

Robert Paul Hudson