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Re: new list, old lists

Roger Miller said:
>>APD makes it nearly impossible to have a meaningful
exchange about aquascaping as art.  The conversational
traffic on that topic is almost non-existent so moving
the conversation to another list will have *no*
impact on APD.<<

Roger pretty much summed up my feelings in his post.

I have *tried* to start "aquaria as art" threads on
this list.  I *tried* to get people to start posting
and critiquing aquascapes.  In every case, activity
lasted for a few days and died out.  The size of the
list and the nature of our community and conversations
here on the APD are not conducive to these sorts of
discussions, IMHO.

I don't think the new list will take anything away
from the APD.  On the new list we are trying to foster
something that just plain doesn't take place on APD.

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