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Re: How to use a system 1

jay reeves asked about the Sys 1 operation:

The filter media item (hereafter called the media thing) that holds the
DE is a spun fibre coated with some kind of resin.  Its about an inch
thick and wrapped into a hollow rod shape with a plug at one end.  You
can twist it on/off the nipple on the filter with the thumb and
forefinger of one hand.  You put DE and about 1/2 jar of water in the
jar, screw the jar onto the filter, then turn on the filter.  done.  No
need to wait for the DE to load onto the the media thing.  DE won't
pass through the media thing.

To clean -- turn off filter.  unscrew jar and hold it under the media
thing, twist off the media thing  and carry it with the jar to you
local drain.   Rinse and scrub the media thing as (if) necessary."
Scott H.

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