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RE: Amano cult discussion

> I must say that I was very "impressed" with a lot of the comments that my
> post generated. Some of you chose to attack me rather than discuss the
> issue. In negotiations that is considered a "bad tactic" since it implies
> weakness. Others, such as Arthur posted the following:
> "I don't represent ADA in any fashion....but I will say it is probably
> unfair to call a company a "scam" in a public forum, without backing up
> what you say. Perhaps some others on this list can share their
> hair-pulling experience... "
> Now really Arthur. Your website http://awaqua.com seems to be QUITE
> CONNECTED to ADA. I invite others to check out Arthur's very nice site.
> Amano Advertising everywhere and you sir wish to judge my
> commercialization critiques of Amano. THANK YOU SIR FOR PROVING MY POINT !
> This is exactly what I am saying here folks. Amano may have started off as
> a photographer (YES an Artist), and did create some very interesting and
> beautiful Aquascapes (Yes artistic), but somewhere along the way the
> mighty dollar started making its presence. I do not think for an instance
> that his Zen poetry and "Earth, Wind and Fire" could sustain any tank
> using his theories.
> I stand by my opinion that Amano and ADA are totally overrated and highly
> commercialized. I would like one of you close cronies to him to ask him
> who his marketing agent is. I guarantee you that he has one ! 
> If you truly wanted to promote his techniques there would be more theory
> and technical information in is books and less Japanese poetry. Why is it
> people that in all of his books be flaunts his ADA brand everywhere ? He
> never talks about generic fertilizers or substrates or filters. Everything
> is ADA ?
> A planted aquarium, IMHO, should be a closed ecological system
> If you are going to reply to issue then lets discuss.
> If you are going to attack me and be an idiot don't bother because I will
> ignore you.