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Diatomagic Filter

I've noticed that no one has mentioned the Diatomagic filter from
Tetra/Second Nature. This one hangs on the tank like a traditional power
filter and is my favorite. I use it on a photography tank to clarify the

Give the spout a quick 90-degree twist and the filter goes into
recirculation mode. (You charge the filter in this mode, too.) This makes
it easy to shoot the photo without water current moving the fish around.
After the fish is returned to the main tank, a twist puts the spout back to
pick up any detritus dislodged during the netting. Since the filter wasn't
turned off, the powder doesn't fall off the mesh to necessitate a
recoating, nor does any end up in the tank. You can EASILY move the filter
from tank to tank in recycle mode without having a speck of powder ending
up in the tank or having to recoat the mesh with powder.