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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1621

On the subject of artistic versus technical approach, I feel I must
contribute a little more.  An artistic approach does need a minimum of
technical knowledge.  Oil painters mostly do not mix their own paint or
make their own gesso, but they do need to understand some basic
information on the application of paint.  In a similar fashion, an
aquatic artist needs to know the basics of how to grow plants.

At this point you need to decide where you want to work with the low
tech or high tech method.  This will require some technical knowledge
and experience.  Once this technical base is acquired, then the
knowledge is used as a means to an end.  The end product is the planted
tank that is visually enjoyed and contemplated.

I for one enjoy looking at a beautiful, planted tank.  My low tech
approach is very simple and I hope to make it even simpler in the
future.  This requires several experimental tanks which are used to try
out approaches for possible future use.  Walstad's book nicely explains
this approach.

Now I wish to focus on the look  of the planted tank.  It is enjoyable
to analyze the design and reflect on what the aquatic gardner wishes to
communicate with the arrangement and choice of plants.

The information presented on this list is quite remarkable.  I
appreciate the time so many give in order to help others.  My hope is
that whether low tech or high tech, the end (the visual look of the
planted tank) is considered to be the ultimate objective.

Joe Hildreth
15 Cedar Street
Potsdam,NY 13676