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Re: Vortex & Diatom

>Some clarification on the operation of the System 1 would help me decide.
>Can it be filled with powder and water in a work area and then moved to the
>tank without spillage?  

it is self priming. put dry powder in the jar (which can be done anywhere).
Screw it in (say, after the filter is hanging on the tank). Turn it on. It
fills with water and starts to filter. Its that simple! Only suggested
change (if it is not already in the revised instructions) is to add a 90
deg elbow to the outflow to redirect it from the substrate. Only an issue
for planted tanks. I use an old elbow from an undergravel filter which I
jam onto the System I.

 Does it matter if it is a new or old model
>in regards to capacity, function, parts availability,  or anything else? 

I bought the replacement large jar and large filter cartridge for my old
model. worth the money.