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Re: Algae on Tank walls, etc.

"Gamera" wrote:
>Subject: Algae on Tank walls, etc.

> I have discussed this “green surface algae”..... It seemed to get worse
after I added TMG and PO4
>per Tom Barr’s recommendations for a routine tank maintenance and dosing
>schedule.  I’m not saying it’s due to the nutrient additions; it’s just an

If it were my tank, I would immmediately stop the KNO3 and PO4 additions
and reduce the TMG to no more than 10mL per 50 gallons.... until the algae
dissappears. Up the CO2 a little (e.g. 20-25mg/L according to the chart).
Add a variety of herbivores (livebearers, otos, maybe others) which like to
eat some types of "surface" algae.

>The tank has only been up and running for just under two weeks. 

This can be the most difficult stage for a plant tank. Providing extra
macros,expecially during this time can be very problematic as you have
observed. IMO, the plants are not ready for the extra nutrients until they
settle in (at least a month). But to be honest, I didn't start adding PO4
until the tank was up for many years. :-)  While keeping NO3 and PO4 at
measureable levels is a helpful technique to acheive luxurious plant
growth, I think it is much easier in the hands of an experienced gardener
who is more mindful of overall plant health.

During the first month or 2, different algae species will come and go.
Changing the conditions (say be reducing nutrients) will encourage this one
(possibly a blue green alga) to be replaced by something better. They you
might get lucky and have no visible algae at all when the tank is running
at its best.

>  Unfortunately, I had to us
>Flourish Potassium rather than dry K2SO4 because I ran out of the dry
>nutrient.  I went shopping for K2SO4 (Sulfate of Potash) and/or KCl (Muriate
>of Potash) to no avail.  

Unless your plants are growing fast, they will do fine on the initial added
amounts of potassium... even from the TMG. Added K only becomes important
when the rate of plant growth exceeds the amounts you are adding.... should
not be an issue for the first month unless your plants are growing really