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Re: Re: Improving the practice of Aquascaping in America

I wrote:

>>The ADA contest was better because the aquascapes in
it were better.  Period.  I haven't found anyone to
argue otherwise.<<

Robert wrote:
>>Arthur, now you are really starting to sound like a
snob. There were many fine pictures in the AGA
showcase, and several quite frankly that I think
were better than anything you have done.<<

I have this fault Robert, of saying exactly what I
mean.  The ADA contest was better.  How is that a
snobbish statement?  After all, I have no association
with the ADA contest.  And whether my aquascapes are
any good has nothing to do with which contest had
better entries.  You threw that in as a little zinger.
 Fair enough.  I'll agree with you.  Many of the
aquascapes there were better than mine.  The reason I
didn't enter the contest was that I didn't think mine
were of high enough quality.  In other words I share
your exact opinion.

(and btw, I'm still waiting for one person to say that
the quality of the AGA contest surpassed the ADA
contest--not even you are willing to say that).

>>They do not deserve your condencending attitude
because it doesnt meet your artistic standard.<<

I'm not sure what this means....but if it means that I
ought not to critique, then I will have to
respectfully disagree with you.  If you want to engage
in a conversation about the differences between the
ADA and AGA contests, or the state of aquaria in
Europe vs. Japan vs. NA, that's fine.  In fact, that's
something I would very much be interested in.  But
keep in mind, I *will* have artistic standards in
mind, that no doubt will be held against me by some.

This reminds of a poetry class I was once in.  People
asked for critiques, and I suggested changing x, y,
and z.  Certain people were absolutely crushed. 
Others disagreed but appreciated the comments.  A few
agreed.  So the lesson is that this sort of
conversation isn't for everyone.  Certainly not for
the over-sensitive.  And that's a good reason why
these conversations should be on a different list,
among like-minded persons.  So that people can engage
my arguments, and not attack *me.*  I comment on the
state of aquaria in America and then what do I get: 
"Where were you when we worked on the contest?  How
long have you been around?  You're not as good as
person x and y....."   When you invalidate the person,
you invalidate the argument, right?

If you are interested in discussing the art of planted
aquaria, join the new list.  If you get tired of
sorting through 30 posts a day covering the same old
technical topics, join the new list.  This list is not
for the "elite" or the "snobs."  It is for people who
are interested in art.  Subscription is open to
everyone, and you can leave whenever you want.  No
risks.  No guarantees.  :)

As of today, we have 21 members.  And growing.  I'm
here on APD, and I'm on the new list. 
Dual-citizenship allowed.  :)


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