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Re:Re: Native plants

>>> I wonder what Tom Barr's planted tanks look like?<<

Well you can see a few pictures of his tanks in my Gallery.  Tom collects
plants growing in California backwater, but mostly finds aquarium plants
that have escaped into the wild! Tom once told me he did not have much
interest in creating artful Amano like displays, but he has done the riccia
thing, and created lush carpets of low growing hairgrass. I don't know if he
would win any awards, but his pictures look pretty darn impressive all the

I can also tell you first hand he has very healthy plants. On more than one
occasion he has sent me fairly large amounts of plants that are really the
best I have ever seen. I got the most beautiful african bolbitis from him,
and I had no trouble selling them! Now I think we should lay off Tom: his
head is going to get too big, and people will start bashing him for reaching
tank God status...

Robert Paul Hudson
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