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AGA and things considering...

Hi Folks:
    Is there going to be an AGA event this year for
our aquascapes?  That is where we will begin to see a
style we might call "American" emerge.  I also
wondered how judges might be selected for the event. 
I can see a distinct emphasis arising with regard to
the Technical/biological/botanical side as oposed to
the artistry and composition of aquascapes.  The
contests have only been around for 2 years??  So there
is no use being critical of its infancy.  At least it
got off the ground.  I love to look at my CD with all
those lovely photos of the aquascape pics submitted.  
     I can't yet make out a distinct style we can call
our own.  But I hope our winners will not be selected
for merely immitating known styles. Maybe some more
types of distincitions should be made with regard to
what category one wishes to compete in.  Someone
mentioned shallow depth tanks vs deep depth tanks. 
They do pose distinct problems in a successful
landscape.  Perhaps more challenging might be entering
based on using a distinct number of any chosen plant
species. I would find it hard to judge a tank of
flowing hair grasses against one that is a jungle with
10 or 15 species, even if the tank sizes were very
similar.  That is where it is when it gets hard for me
to understand what was in the mind of the judges.
One could enter a mid size tank/5 species aquascape
and at least not have it judged against a mid size
tank/9 species aquascapes.  This would then make clear
distinctions that most viewers could perhaps see more
clearly for themselves and challenge contenders in
very specific ways.  This would then hopefully remove
us from having to emulate known winning styles and
open up the arena to unknown territories.  
These are just ideas, not intended to set off flame
wars.  I am not complaining and criticising, just
trying to find and suggest some new ways of doing
     We have bashed and praised Amano, who's success
is without question.  Now what are we going to do
other than whine about it?  Lets get on with our own
stuff.  We still have time for the AGA contests and
hopefully more to come.  The magazines will fall in
line when they see something thats marketable and
interesting.  So, publicity is after the fact.  Our
own personal enjoyment and growth in the hobby will be
our own success.  Like so many have said -- we do this
for ourselves.  And if it turns out others are looking
and like what they see then we have succeeded in
inspiring others through the pursuit of our own
passionate love of the hobby.

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