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Re: tank specs

John Wheeler wrote:

> One beef I have with aquascaping now is the proportions of the tanks 
> commonly for sale. They have no depth (front to back) so it is difficult to
> *create* in such a limited scope, especially with bulky items like rocks.

Last year I decided it was finally time to set up my "big" tank.  I talked to 
people on this list, looked at the available tanks and made sure I had my 
priorities right.  To get the best shape and the best fit to my space 
available I decided on a custom-built 5'x2'x2' tank.

The tank is on it's stand; I have the filter, I've order the Flourite.  CO2 
and lighting are next.  But even now I can say one thing for sure.  A tank 
that measures 2 feet (or more) front-to-back takes a big bite out of whatever 
space you put it in.  That's a major concideration.

Roger Miller