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Re: Diatom Filters -Vortex vs System 1 vs H2O Changes

Scott Hieber" wrote:
>The most surprising thing I found out about the System 1 was that the
>maker absolutely insists that you do not run the motor continuously for
>more than four hours!

I did not know about this caution. I have my System I for more than 10
years and periodically run mine for more than 4 hours. I have not noticed
any problem with the motor overheating or anything else. I still say it is
one of the best aquarium devices I have ever purchased. Of course, I may
have a different motor than the one currently used. Because the system I is
much more efficient than the Vortex, however, I find that I rarely HAVE TO
run it more than a few hours. By this time, the System I diatom powder is
coated with suspended algae or other crud and the flow has stopped to a
trickle. If the tank is not too cloudy, then it can do its job in less than
an hour. Is it possible that is what AP meant? 
When the filter outflow comes to a hault, I either recharge the filter with
new powder or merely stop and restart after the powder drops off the
cartridge to provide a new coating of the old powder. This allows me to
keep it going a couple extra times without emptying the jar.  [These steps
are almost always needed when there is green water]. After the water is
reasonably clear, I can leave the System One on for longer periods
(sometimes more than 4 hours) to do the final polishing. In order for my
Vortex to remove the same amount of suspended algae or other material, I
invariably have to let it run 24+ hours. 

>Of course, these filters, generally are designed for occasional use and
>are merely substitutes for water changes.  Nothing cleans like a DE
>filter but a lot of folks would recommend water changes as a preferred

I dont think the DE filters are substitutes for water changes. Diatom
filters are used to primarily remove SUSPENDED particulate or suspended
algae. With added carbon, they can also remove dissolved organics [ but
this can also remove desirable nutrients, so carbon can be problematic in a
plant tank without appropriate replenishment. IMO, water changes are
different: intended to primarily remove DISSOLVED built-up chemicals and to
replenish stuff, including trace elements and other nutrients.