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change the range?

I bought a few Hach kits and the phosphate kit in particular doesn't read low 
enough to help me. The kit is 50 single dose sealed "pillows" of chem and a 
stepped comparator. If I use 1/2 the water amount will I be measuring 1/2 
steps in the range? In other words will a 1.0 become a 0.5?

>The Low Range Nitrate and Low Range Phospate(I think it is called that)
>available at www.thatpetplace.com for like 12 dollars for 20 tests and
>refills are 8 dollars for 20 test.   They measure in increments from 0.2-1.0
>or you can dilute your water with distilled water to measure at a higher
>range,  say 1 part aquarium water,  4 parts distilled water gives you a
>range of 1-5 in increments of 1