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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1618

On the Amano cult discussion, I just had to add a comment or two and
contribute instead of just reading.  I have been growing aquatic plants
for over 20 years and I consider Amano to be an artist.  You may not
agree with his approach, but he certainly does not deserve the criticism
that some have delivered on this list.  I for one find his creations to
be excellent and inspirational.

My approach is to grow plants and enjoy looking at them.  I hate to test
and I almost never do it.  A slow growth, algae free, healthy tank full
of plants is so enjoyable.  Currently, I am maintaining 25 tanks which
are products of this non technical method.  This approach is nicely
described in Walstad's book.  I was so pleased to see her write it.  I
would never have taken the time to do it.  Based on my approach to
growing plants I mostly just ignore all of the technical discussions,
but I realize that some people must love them.  As a result I just keep
quite and tolerate a totally different emphasis.  I would encourage
others to do the same.

For all of the people who take the time to contribute I wish to express
my appreciation.  My point in writing this is to ask for tolerance of
other points of view and to support the non technical, artistic approach
to growing aquatic plants.

Joe Hildreth