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re: the cult of technology

> Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 08:17:15 -0800 (PST)
> From: Lazarus Miskowski <lazmiskowski at yahoo_com>
> Subject: re: the cult of technology

> But I think I can defend my statement.  Show me a good
> book featuring American aquatic gardeners/artists.

Fair enough, but that dosen't prove anything.

> Show me a nice magazine (the one American magazine,
> Gomberg's, was largely technical).

You need to know the technique to creating, or you learn by experience.
Do you have the resources or the patience to experiment? May be you have but
how many others. Sadly PAM shut down, but how much can you cram into one

>Show me a good American contest (AGA contest still in its infancy).
> Show me that Americans did well in the ADA contest.

ADA Contest is no yardstick. Americans did well in the AGA contest. I
enjoyed the prize winning aquascapes as much as any of Amano's nature
aquarium, or a dutch aquarium. By the way AGA contest is an International
Aquascaping Contest or you wouldn't have entries from far corners of the
I for one frankly did not appreciate all the prize winning aquascapes of the
ADA contest ( 7 that appear in the January issue of TFH). Some went right
over my head as to why they won a prize at all.
Do your thing, draw your inspiration from anywhere, but don't go around
belittling peoples efforts because they have no "philosophy" backing them.

> Show me that in the largest forum for people in this
> thing, that people are interested in the aesthetic
> aspects (on the contrary, we have many people that are
> *hostile* to the concept of aquaria as art).

To each his own. What might seem aesthetic to one will look downright
contrived to another.

> Regarding art vs. hobby.....what we have are
> crossovers--people who were fish hobbyists (what fish
> can I breed and keep?) move into plants.  They bring
> that hobbyist/tinkerer mentality with them, and have
> little interest in art.  So this might be
> generational.  Older people -- hobbyists.  Younger
> people -- artists.  Just generally speaking.

How do you know a fish only hobbyist who has moved into planted tanks, is
not an excellent painter, sculptor or does not have any other form of
artistic leanings and is trying to amalgamate his vision into planted tanks.
he may not agree with Amano's leanings to Zen, etc., that does not make him
an hobbyist/tinkerer. You seem to imply that unless a person started with no
other exposure to art other than Amano's Nature Aquarium concept and got
into planted tanks is not an artist. I know a lot of older people who are
excellent artists, who don't take such a narrow view. Grow up. Life isn't
just aquariums.

> I'm making an argument.  I'm trying to influence
> people.  I don't intend to be transparent regarding my
> motives.  I suck.  You suck.  We all suck.  Let's get
> better.  Raise the discourse.
> Arthur
> http://awaqua.com -- Amano AquaJournal

Look at the world around you, there's more to it than Amano and his Nature
Aquarium Concept.

By the way I like Amano's Aquariums. And that doesn't stop me from
appreciating other planted aquaria AND go around talking of
hobbyist/tinkerer mindset AND Generational whatever. Amano's aquariums have
far greater influence on people and don't need you ramblings. Leave it be.

Madan Subramanian
Bangalore, India.