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RE: Suggested test kits

> I want to order a good Nitrate test kit.  Tom Barr suggests that Nitrate
> test kit is the most important one, and you should get a very good one.
> says he uses a Hach test kit.  Which one do you use, Tom?  And how much is
> it?  What would a comparable test kit be?  How about LaMotte?  What does
> everyone recommend?  Also, I need to get a new Phosphate test kit since I
> just ran out.  I was using SeaChem.  Is that good enough or should I try
> something else?  TIA!

I'm glad you asked this because I accidentally found a great alternative to
the more expensive kits.   These are put out by Aquarium Systems,  (same
people that make the popular sea salt).   My local fish store had pulled
some "SeaTest" kits out of stock because they had expired by a year or two,
He just gave them to me because he didn't have another phosphate kit.  This
said that it was calibrated for salt but I can't tell much difference.   The
SeaTest kit had Nitrate, Phosphate and Calcium tests in it.  You can buy the
Nitrate and Phosphate as a separate test.

The Low Range Nitrate and Low Range Phospate(I think it is called that) are
available at www.thatpetplace.com for like 12 dollars for 20 tests and the
refills are 8 dollars for 20 test.   They measure in increments from 0.2-1.0
or you can dilute your water with distilled water to measure at a higher
range,  say 1 part aquarium water,  4 parts distilled water gives you a
range of 1-5 in increments of 1

The thing I like about these tests is that they seem to be very consistant
compared to the other low price tests,  I've never gotten weird results like
I have with other tests.  The ability to measure below 1.0 levels in Nitrate
is also very nice when you are trying to figure out how much nitrate your
tank is using in a 24 hour period.

Ken,  In NW Arkansas where it was 60 w blue skies today.