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Re: CO2 in Low (red) Light tanks

David A. Youngker wrote, in part:

> One of the other things I've been playing around with is the
> combination of
> CO2 and low *red* light. Warmer colored light tends to promote the
> photosynthetic response, and coupled with the added CO2 the
> _expected_
> results were toward really lush and sturdy growth. What I _got_ was
> more of
> a "miniaturization" of the growth - similar to comparing a miniature
> Collie
> to a full-sized one rather than the stunted growth of Bonsai.
> So now I'm playing around with "Designer Warm Whites" and "Kitchen
> and
> Bathroom" lamps to see which enhances the effect most. I think it'd
> be
> interesting to try to scale down an entire aquascape to something
> along the
> lines of Pygmy Corys ;-) ...


Isn;'t this what everyone is after, more kinds of smaller plants?  

I take it you mean a relatively low level of total light, but most of
the light being red?  As opposed to light that is relatively low in the
red part of the spectrum?  

Are you talking about more red spectrum than a common "pinky" type
plant/aquarium bulb?  As red as, say, the AH Supply 13 Watt "red"

BTW, thanks for the detailed response regarding CO2 and low light.

Scott H.

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