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Re: the cult of technology

>>But I think I can defend my statement.  Show me a good
book featuring American aquatic gardeners/artists.
Show me a nice magazine (the one American magazine,
Gomberg's, was largely technical).<<

Show me a book or magazine anywhere in the world featuring aquariums as art?
This concept is relatively new around the whole world.  Amano is really the
only person that has had such published work. Even the dutch/german
publications are more techinical in content. So this isn't much of an
argument for lack of American finess.

 >> Show me a good American contest (AGA contest still in its infancy). Show
me that Americans did well in the ADA contest. Show me that in the largest
forum for people in this
thing, that people are interested in the aesthetic
aspects (on the contrary, we have many people that are
*hostile* to the concept of aquaria as art).<<

I think participation in Amano's world wide contest was disappointing as a
whole. Considering the AGA contest is all WEB driven mostly from this forum,
I think it did well. The ADA contest had the marketing machine of TFH behind
it. And Arthur, I think if you add up all the winners of the AGA, you will
find the largest number of them were from the USA. I think there is a lot
more people in this forum with the interest than you seem willing to admit,
they just don't have the religious ferver of it as you appear to have!

>>Older people -- hobbyists.  Younger
people -- artists.  Just generally speaking.<<

I don't think age has anything to do with it.  It is simply this moment in
history when this aspect of the hobby has been born.

>> I suck.  You suck.  We all suck.  Let's get
better.  Raise the discourse.<<

 Many people are happy and very satisfied with what they have. Thats OK too.
We don't all need to be aspiring artists. I can appreciate art without
having to be an artist!

Robert Paul Hudson