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Re: Pesky decorations

> In my 75gal, I have a nice rock.  It is large and
> flat, about 4-5 inches tall.  Contains several visible
> caves (it's not limestone).
> But it has presented an aquascaping challenge to me.
> Previously I built a large java moss mound.  Looked
> nice.  But was then invaded by sinking riccia, and
> didn't grow well either.  I think this was due to high
> temps (discus tank).
> Anyway, so then I was left with this bare rock
> occupying a large space.  I tried riccia rocks on top.
> Looked ugly.  Now I have nothing.
> Anyone have any ideas for what to do with a rock
> "plateau" in your tank?

Can you remove the rock and silicone a piece of Cork to it for attachment?
Bolbitis actually would give a nice color contrast like dark moss. You could
also try Anubias nana, Java fern varieties etc.

Anyone with a problem decoration they just cannot part with but have trouble
roping anything to really should consider this option as it makes you life
much easier. Works on very hard driftwoods, big blocky pieces or wood rock
etc, even spraybars, filter intakes etc. Simply scuffing up a spray bar with
60 grit sandpaper and roping some moss around it hides things very well.

Tom Barr

> Arthur
> http://www.awaqua.com