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RE: Amano cult discussion... Nick's attacks

I'm not going to get in a flame war, but I did want to answer a few of
Nick's points (mainly since my post was referenced at the bottom of his)....

MIT Grad wrote:
"Has anyone looked closely at his pictures of "his" creations ?"
They are so doctored up and fake that it is pathetic."

I would strongly disagree here.  Some of the photos in NA World Book 1 and 2
look a bit hazy, but none seem to be "doctored up" by any means.  I've
looked at the photos in many issues of the ADA's AquaJournal, and they are
much clearer and not "fake" looking at all.  I suspect much of the haziness
in the NA World Books is due mostly to the TFH printing method -- I don't
claim to be a publishing / printing expert though.

"Nothing can survive for the long term in his tanks. I would like
him to set up a web cam on several of his tanks for people
to actually "see" how his tanks do over time. "

Wrong again sir.  Look through Book 3, and you can plainly see pics of his
tanks over time, sometimes many years.  People always bring this point up,
but never seem to try fact checking.  I've never seen one of his tanks in
person, but several members of the APD have, and I believe Neil Frank has
taken pics of them too...

I for one would love to see some pics of YOUR tanks...  Perhaps this
discussion can turn from Amano bashing to something productive, like talking
about the aquascapes of APD members... Much like Arthur suggested a while

Whatever happened to that by the way?  A few people posted pics of their
tanks (myself included) and then it kind of faded away...

And, as for talking to algae, perhaps that is a method of control we should
discuss -- it would certainly be less work-intensive than constant hand
removal and scraping!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

BTW- Just got some Rotala spec. 'green' from my new friend in Norway...  I
can't wait till it grows out!  Looks much different from regular R. indica.