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re: the cult of technology

I wrote:
> American aquascapes stink.  And it's the anti-art
> sentiments of the techno/hobby crowd that perpetuate
> it.

Roger wrote:
>>Now who's baiting whom?

This discussion started out to be fairly interesting. 
It seems to have gone 
down hill.<<

I admit to having made an inflammatory remark, with
little explanation.  I meant to provoke.

But I think I can defend my statement.  Show me a good
book featuring American aquatic gardeners/artists. 
Show me a nice magazine (the one American magazine,
Gomberg's, was largely technical).  Show me a good
American contest (AGA contest still in its infancy). 
Show me that Americans did well in the ADA contest. 
Show me that in the largest forum for people in this
thing, that people are interested in the aesthetic
aspects (on the contrary, we have many people that are
*hostile* to the concept of aquaria as art).

Regarding art vs. hobby.....what we have are
crossovers--people who were fish hobbyists (what fish
can I breed and keep?) move into plants.  They bring
that hobbyist/tinkerer mentality with them, and have
little interest in art.  So this might be
generational.  Older people -- hobbyists.  Younger
people -- artists.  Just generally speaking.

I'm making an argument.  I'm trying to influence
people.  I don't intend to be transparent regarding my
motives.  I suck.  You suck.  We all suck.  Let's get
better.  Raise the discourse.

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